Woodturning DVD’s

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Bowled Over
A blueprint for bowlmaking success

My long-awaited DVD on bowl turning. This DVD is a distillation of the lessons I have given to hundreds of students. There is something here for every bowl maker whether your experience is two weeks or twenty years.

A Masterclass for All

This double DVD set has a running time of  2h 40m and is excellent value at 19.99 plus 1.85 p&p.



Out Now!

Bowls are NOT boring!
Beyond the blueprint

With more and more practice, eventually the skills involved in bowl making may start to become routine and less stimulating than they once were.

This DVD goes beyond bowl making to explore ways in which bowls can be cut and reconstructed into sculptural pieces.

Here I begin to cross the divide between craft and art and to demonstrate that bowls really need not be boring.

This double DVD set runs for three hours
and is a terrific buy at
19.99 plus 1.85 p&p.

Both DVD’s are available directly from me

What they are saying:

I hope you will not mind me commenting on your DVD ‘Bowled Over’ which I recently purchased and have watched several times. Wood turning DVD's vary in quality enormously from the charismatic to the dour expressionless monotone…

Happily it was a pleasure to watch yours, the white board talk and theory was a slight gamble but you kept up the interest factor and the anecdotal comments made the facts very palatable. I learned loads and often re-watch bits when I am doing a project. The instruction was crystal clear, easy to follow and held my attention. I thought it was a good idea to touch on a number of slightly contentious issues such as using a skew as a scraper. This created interest and etched the topic on my memory and was an invitation to try it out for myself.”

Well I must be truthful and confess that comments like that are always welcome!

After buying the DVD, a turner in Johannesburg, South Africa, sent me this email:

I recently bought your DVD ‘Bowled Over’ and although I have been turning for a number of years I found it interesting, informative and above all "down to earth" with clear explanations as to why you were making a particular cut etc.

My reason for writing was that when you came to the final cuts with the scraper you discussed the possibility of reversing the rotation of the lathe and scraping from the other side of the bowl, so to speak, but had not actually tried it.

I have just finished making a bowl similar to the style of the one on the DVD and used the technique mentioned above. IT WORKS.!! I used a negative rake French curve scraper. It took me a long time to grind but works superbly.

I am now waiting for your second DVD with interest. Thank you for increasing my knowledge.

Great! Thanks for the feedback.