Some pieces have no practical application but transcend the merely ‘decorative’. These are the items I regard as art. Whilst many of them have their inspiration in the things I see or imagine, they are not necessarily accurate or even recognisable representations of those things. Often the making of one piece provides the inspiration for another, and themes or series of related pieces emerge.

In Britain, anything made of wood is more likely to be regarded as craftwork rather than art, although this is not true of the USA and Australia, where art in wood is much more widely acknowledged and collected.

In part I think this is due to the English habit of self-deprecation and, increasingly I believe, it is time for those turners who regard themselves in this light to come out of the closet and declare themselves as artists.

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*Although most of these pieces were made as ‘one-offs, they can be made to order with the proviso that an exact timber colour or grain pattern match cannot be guaranteed because every tree and piece of wood is an individual.
It’s what makes your item unique.


A Night at the Opera
Cellulose finish

On holiday in 2009 I was inspired by the architecture and style of the Tenerife Opera House and pondered long and hard over how I might produce that beautiful arching curve. This piece is the result.

Base 25cm x 14cm x 14 high
(10in x 5½in x 5½in)


Oil finish

This was inspired by the Singapore balls I make (below). There are thirty two spikes set into the ball like the spines of a sea urchin, although I took the precaution of rounding the ends. It’s an attractive object and will roll along a surface like a ball.

Ball 7cm dia with spines 5cm long
(2¾in & 2in)



Hermit II
Wax finish.
Beech & Sycamore

This piece reminds me of the pincers of a crab which cannot be seen inside the ‘shell’ - a hermit crab, in fact!

14cm x 4½cm x 21cm (diagonal)
(5½in x 1¾in x 8¼in)


Suspended vessel
wax finish
Cherry, Ash, Sycamore, & Ebony

The vessel is made of cherry, pierced and textured to simulate bubbles rising through a liquid. The legs are ash with a black-stained sycamore veneer running through them, and are attached with small ebony pegs.

Approx.24cm tall x 7.5cm dia
(9¾in x 3in)



Singapore Balls
Wax finish

Singapore balls have no practical use, but are fascinating 'executive toys'. The dark reddish coloured ones here are made from cocobolo and the pale one is hawthorn. When the ball is tossed in the air, or rolled along the ground, all the spikes emerge at the same time. But when you catch it in your hand the spikes retract and inflict no pain. Its like a gentle mediaeval mace. The perfect gift for the wood lover who has everything.

7cm dia

£95 Made to order*


Seed Pod
Wax finish.
Sycamore and ebony

The variation in the shapes of such simple things as seed pods is a constant source of inspiration. Many seeds are equipped with hooks, spikes and burrs which help them attach to passing creatures and thus enlist their unknowing help in seed dispersal.


I like modern art!
Acrylic paint finish.
Beech & birch

Inspired by the work of Dutch painter Piet Mondriaan, the coloured sections are pieces of a bowl, cut and glued to the black base by the bowl’s rim. I genuinely do like modern art, and the apparent simplicity of this piece conceals a complexity only apparent on close examination.

25cm  x 25cm x 3½cm
(10in x 10in x 1½in) 


Married Quarters
Oil & Wax finish
Roupala lacewood & Holly

I have called this an ‘interactive’ piece because it can be rearranged to create different effects, rather than simply viewed from a single perspective. The interlocked rings marry the pieces together.

7.5cm x 7.5cm joined by interlocked 12cm rings
(3in x 3in x 4¾in)

£165 Made to order*

Hermit III
Wax finish.
Beech & Sycamore

A continued exploration of the ‘Hermit’ theme, the open centre of the piece makes it lighter and the curvature of the square edges adds interest to the overall shape

15cm x 15cm x 5cm
(6in x 6in x 2in)


Hermit IV
Wax finish.
Beech & Sycamore

There are so many variations of shape and colour and texture to explore. This is one of my favourite themes. In this piece both the square and the ring sections have been textured.

15cm x 15cm x 6cm
(6in x 6in x 2½in)


Wax finish.
Beech, stain & paint

This piece started life as a bowl but, as ideas came and went, it developed through several changed forms into its current configuration. After so many changes, ‘Metamorphosis’ seemed an appropriate name.

28cm dia x 17cm deep
(11in x 6¾in)

£295 Made to order*

Wax finish.
Beech, stain & paint

Based firmly on ideas developed while making ‘Metamorphosis’, this piece suggests the Heavens above and the Earth below and was a gift to very good friend.

23cm dia x 14cm deep
(9in x 5½in)

£345 Made to order*

Wax finish.
Sycamore, stain & paint

After my wife and I embarked on a cruise, memories of the moon rising over the ocean and moonlight glistening on the wave tops gave the inspiration for this piece.

20cm dia x 13cm deep
(8in x 5in)

£345 Made to order*

Sycamore Hollow Form
melamine finish
Sycamore, acrylic paint & glass

I’m becoming increasingly interested in the effects that can be obtained using colour to enhance the objects I make.

I’m told it looks like ceramic, but touch tells all as soon as you pick it up. Unlike pottery it is light and has wood’s natural warmth to the touch. No one handling it would think it ceramic.

15cm tall, including the top, x 10cm diameter (6in x 4in)

This one was a gift to a good friend, but others can be made to order.


Afrormosia Hollow Form
melamine finish
Afrormosia, acrylic paint & glass

Still experimenting with technique, this is quite different from the Sycamore form, above. Thickly layered paint in ‘flame’ colours of reds, oranges, yellows and gold, the surface was then textured to enhance the flame effect.

10cm tall, including top x 12.5cm diameter (4in x 5in)


Beech Hollow Form
melamine finish
Beech, acrylic paint & glass

A rounder shape and more subdued colours make this piece quite different again.

10cm tall, including top x 12.5cm diameter (4in x 5in)


*Although most of these pieces were made as ‘one-offs, they can be made to order with the proviso that an exact timber colour or grain pattern match cannot be guaranteed because every tree and piece of wood is an individual.
It’s what makes your item unique.